Friday, November 23, 2012

JEH Easter Egg

Detail of Sample Dungeon map, annotated

Here's another possible Holmes Basic Easter Egg that I can't believe I never noticed before: the room letters  in the Sample Dungeon vertically spell out the initials of John Eric Holmes. This could be coincidental, but Room J is quite a ways out of sequence with Rooms H, I, K, L and M, making it possible that it was deliberately placed above the Room E (empty room) and H. Below is the full map, annotated:

Click for larger view


  1. That's great Zach---surely an intentional one! :D


  2. Great find, ZA! It was right under our noses; I can't believe no one noticed this until now.

  3. I agree, its intentional. Note the EEG, DA, and DS patterns on the map. Any other patterns correspond to TSR old guard?

    1. Interesting! Though Gygax's initials are EGG rather than EEG (which is sometimes used for Elder Elemental God).