Monday, October 8, 2012

Ruined Tower by Cole

Click on the picture to see it in larger form
      I found this painting yesterday and couldn't help but think of the ruined tower of Zenopus along the sea cliffs of Portown. It's "Italian Seacoast with Ruined Tower" by Thomas Cole, 1838. Cole is more well known for his American landscapes, being considered the founder of the Hudson River School, but also painted European ones after traveling there.


  1. Lovely painting, very inspirational - thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice painting. I think I know who's ruined tower that is too!

  3. Wow...I used this exact picture as both a plan and a player's handout when I ran my group through the Tower of Zenopus just two years ago. I thought the tower was perfectly placed being near the sea and all. The group even encountered that very shepherd on the way to the entrance...for 13 silver pieces he gave them a good set of rumors!