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Monday, October 22, 2012

Delving Deeper pdfs now available for free download

The cover of the Referee's Guide, Volume II of Delving Deeper, art by Mark Allen
     Simon Bull (aka waysoftheearth) has just announced on the OD&D Discussion forum that the free pdfs of Delving Deeper, a new OD&D clone, are now available for download from RPGnow. They are unillustrated except for the fantastic covers by Mark Allen. There are three volumes (see below). As I mentioned previously, I helped out (with others) with the proofreading of these volumes.

Here are the blurbs from RPGnow:

     What is the Delving Deeper RPG?
      Delving Deeper is an emulation of the original fantasy role-playing game.
Meticulously forged over two long years of development, Delving Deeper invites you to recreate the original role-playing experience as it was in its earliest days...

    Volume I: The Adventurer's Handbook: Be an indomitable fighter and carry a bright sword and steely armor into battle. Be an enigmatic magic-user and bend the very laws of reality to your will. Be a righteous cleric and deliver judgement to the blasphemers. The choice is yours — who will you be?  Herein are guidelines for creating and running a character in the medieval-fantasy world of Delving Deeper.

    Volume II: The Referee's Guide: Yours is the highest calling. While players run individual characters, you run the rest of the world! You design the dungeons, you build the towns and cites, you sow the plots and schemes of squabbling goblins and feuding Kings across the entire world. Herein are guidelines for designing, exploring, and running a living medieval-fantasy world for Delving Deeper.

    Volume III: The Monster & Treasure Reference: What foul monster lurks beneath this bridge or beyond that door? What fabulous treasure does this abomination or that horror guard?Herein are the answers to these questions and many more. This essential reference is brimming with inspiration for the Delving Deeper referee, offering challenges and rewards for first-time adventures and for hardened stalwarts alike.