Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Record Price for Holmes Basic Set

Worth its weight in gold...
     I just saw this posted on the Acaeum - an auction ended tonight at $588 (!) for a shrinkwrapped 1st print Holmes Basic Set (F115-R code, Lizard Logo), pictured above. This displaces the previous record holder. For more info see my post on this topic from March. For the current auction, there was a bit of a bidding war at the end between two bidders with low-ish feedback (newbies?). For the winner's sake, let's hope it's original shrink.....

     Here's the revised list of top sellers that I have noted. All are in shrinkwrap. All were auctioned on Ebay, except #2 which was auctioned at GenCon.

1) $588 - 1st print (F115-R code, Lizard Logo) - Sep 2012 - standard box bottom
2) ~$500 - 1st print (F115-R code, Lizard Logo) - owned by Brian Blume - GenCon 2009 - blank box bottom (could be a "true 1st").
3) $331 - 3rd print (Lizard Logo) - owned by Gygax - Jun 2011
4) $315 - 7th? print (Wizard Logo) - Collector's Trove personal auction - Mar 2012
5) $308 - 4th+ print (Wizard Logo) - owned by Gygax - - Mar 2011 

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  1. I bought a shrink wrapped 4th printing boxed set back in 2008 or 2009 for between $30-40. I opened the shrink wrap, as I bought it to play, not collect. Interesting to see how much the price has gone up in just a few years. I don't remember shrink wrapped copies being all that rare at the time, as I only had to bid on 2 or 3 before I won a set.