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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Travelers Inn by paleologos (1981)

The Green Lilac Travelers Inn (1981) - click link below for a larger version
     The above piece is great, back-in-the-day game art illustrating part of B2:

     "I was going through some papers over the weekend, and I found this sketch I made in Grade 8 of a group of adventurers entering the Inn in the Outer Bailey of the Keep"

     "I haven't seen this picture in over 20 years, but it immediately brought back some of my first memories playing D&D...good times."

     -paleologos, writing on Dragonsfoot

     The layout of the Tavern (Area 15) and Inn (Area 16) match the map in B2, with the wall to the Inner Bailey to the north.

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