Monday, May 7, 2012

Stonefast Stocked (updated)

Map of Stonefast from the 1991-1996 Basic Sets

     Dragonsfoot member Odinist has prepared a stocked version of the Stonefast dungeon that appeared in the 1991 ("The New Easy to Master D&D Game") and 1994/1996 ("The Classic D&D Game") Basic Sets. I'm not overly familiar with these sets, but I do have the reference sheets and maps from the 1991 version. These sheets include a fully described introductory scenario, Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon, and a map of the follow-up Stonefast (above) with one page of suggestions for stocking it. Thus Stonefast is the part of the lineage of D&D Sample Dungeons, in particular those from the various Basic Sets.

     Update: I just compared Odinist's version the notes from the 1991 set for stocking the dungeon, which he incorporated them for the most part. The section "History" at the beginning of the pdf is straight from the notes, as are Kamro's description, stats and treasure, and the dwarven treasure hoard in room 20. He didn't use the suggestion for room 25, instead replacing it with a room guarded by Dwarf Armor Golems (Armor Golems also appear in two of the Thunder Rift modules that followed the 1991 Basic Set).

     Here's the original suggestion for Room 25:

     Room 25: In this room are 100 treasure chests, each lock and trapped. If any chest is opened (by picking or breaking the lock) without first successively finding and removing traps, it fills the room with a cloud of gas. Everybody in the room must roll a successful Saving Throw vs. Poison or fall unconcious for 1d4 turns. Each chest contains 100 copper pieces. 


  1. Interesting that it uses 1 sq. = 5 ft. rather than the more traditional 1 sq. = 10 ft.

    It's also a pretty boring dungeon, in terms of complexity.

  2. The 5' squares are standard in the early 90s Basic line (sometimes referred to as "Challenger" or "Thunder Rift" series). Most of the sets and modules came with poster maps using 5' squares and stand-up cardboard minis.

    I agree the Stonefast map is boring to look at. I can only assume that they were trying to make it easier for first time players to learn mapping. At least the design is circular rather than linear.

  3. I simply missed the suggestion for room 25 when I was stocking it, so I just thought of something fun to put in there. I haven't ran into any other armor golems in the TR stuff, but I still have a few modules left to read in preparation for the campaign we just started. How did my stats match up?

    As for Kamro's hit points, that's an honest mistake. It's been a very, very long time since I've ran regular D&D. My group's been running a 2e AD&D campaign for the last 8 months. We used a TPK a couple sessions ago to start new characters with this rules set, so it's taking a while for my brain to shift gears from AD&D to D&D, and I had completely forgotten about breath weapon damage being tied to hit points. =)

    Oh, and also, here's a link to the download on Media Fire, which doesn't make you sign up like 4shared does: