Saturday, May 19, 2012

Heroic Fantasy! Basic Set Ad


     This Holmes Basic Set advertisement is new to me. I found it thanks to the blog 5 Stone Games posting a link to a tumblr called Old School FRP, where this ad is on the second page. The OSF tumblr blogger started D&D with Holmes - see their very first post, which shows the Holmes set cover.

    The advertisement above is a variation of a few others that I've seen before. Below is one that has the same photo (2nd edition Holmes set with 5 dice and the then new B1 module, also found on the bottom of the boxed set itself), and same paragraph of text. I need a better pic/scan if anyone comes across one.

     Here's a similar ad from Model Retailer, a trade magazine. Same photo & also touts the new module now found in the set (the 1st edition had Geomorphs and a Monster & Treasure Assortment):

     To see more Holmes Basic Set advertisements, see this thread on OD&D Discussion. I plan to eventually organize these better on the actual Zenopus Archives site. Most of the ads that I have are posted in that thread, so if you know of one that is not there, please let me know.


  1. "About 15 minutes is all that's needed to have a complete game underway, exclusive of rule reading time, of course."

    Even that estimate is conservative. I just opened up my copy of Holmes and rolled up a thief in 5 minutes, 11 seconds, including equipment. (He has a mighty 2 hp!) I shall name him Shifty.

    Thanks for sharing these ads.

  2. I find that 15 minutes thing kinda funny. I'm one of those people that bought Holmes D&D completely cold. I had never played D&D, seen D&D being played, nor even had anyone describe how they played. It took me and my friends over an hour to roll up our first characters.

    I talk about it here:,_b2_and_me

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