Monday, May 21, 2012

Cave of the Unknown map by Druvas

Map by Druvas. Click here for the full-size version
     Dragonsfoot member Druvas has posted a nice map of the Cave of the Unknown (a DIY area in B2 Keep on the Borderlands) that he crafted using GIMP. He hasn't fully stocked it (in progress), but he mentions a few features in the thread, including:
  • Area 1 is the entrance, through "a sinkhole about 30' deep"
  • Area 8 and 9 are connected by "iron rungs, sort of like monkey bars, set in the river cavern ceiling. One could be old and rusty if you want to send a player for a swim".
  • Area 44 "leads to the Caves of Chaos".
     Druvas previously created the free Dragonsfoot AD&D module S7 The Howling Hills, which is a "false tomb" of Acererak found in "the highest hill on the Plains of Iuz", one of the suggested locations for the Tomb of Horrors in the original module (see page 2 of ToH).
Download it here.


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug. I have stopped working on the write up as my players have moved on from the Caves area, but I think I will go back and finish now. :-)

  2. @ Druvas Yes, please do finish it. Beautiful map.

    Thanks for the find, Zeno.

  3. Well, oddly enough, the day after you posted this entry, I was approached to do a full write up of this for a convention module! I am going to have to put a hold on releasing the write up. I'm excited and a bit disappointed by this development as I was looking forward to making it public. I hope you understand! :-)

    1. So, where, if anywhere was this write up published. Would love to see it.

    2. Keith, try this post for a rough draft that druvas posted on DF:
      Cave of the Unknown

    3. And if you look a few posts down the thread, he mentions he has a pdf version of it available.

  4. Bliss Infinite of The Warlock's Home Brew also left a comment, but blogger seems to have eaten it:

    "@ Druvas Yes, please do finish it. Beautiful map.

    Thanks for the find, Zeno."