Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grognardia article on

     Since James hasn't mentioned it yet, I'll point out that he has a new article on the Wizards website. It's a retrospective on Elementals in D&D (going back to OD&D, from which he quotes), including their historical basis. It's accompanied by fantastic art by Stephen Fabian, an underground scene with xorns. Give the article a read, and if you have a account you can leave a comment:

      It's Elementary

     While I was there I created a blog on their site using my new account. It's easy to set up and has one background option that is a collage of old school art (monsters from Sutherland's Monster Manual cover, Otus art for White Plume Mountain, the Wizard logo):

     Since Wizards is re-releasing the AD&D hardcovers this summer, perhaps it is time for a little more OSR presence on their website?

     Warning: Any content you post on the Wizards website is theirs to use. See below.


  1. Unless they've changed their fine print, anything you post on the WotC site, including blogs, they have the right to take and use, publish, etc., as they see fit. Without offers of remuneration, or even credit.

    1. Thanks for the warning! I forgot about that. I didn't plan on posting much of anything else there other the introductory page. I don't care if they republish that, unless by posting the links I'm implying that I'm sign over my entire blog. What do you think?

    2. If you're just posting links, that doesn't mean you're giving away rights to your blog. If the New York Times put up a link to one of its stories on their site, WotC wouldn't have the rights to that story.

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    1. Ok, thanks. For some extra distance, I revised the page to link to a Google search rather than my pages directly.