Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit Holmeston and see the Haunted Keep

Dave at There's Dungeons Down Under alerted me to a new adventure called "Shadow of the Haunted Keep" that contains a tribute to Holmes. The adventure is 48 pages and is available from RPGnow for $1.99, and is for "the Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition Game" (also by the author, and available for free here) or "or any Old School Renaissance fantasy game you prefer". The adventure provides simple dual DD2E/OSR stats.  The author is Jaap de Goode and the publisher is Sangreal Games, based in The Netherlands. The dungeon portion is a version of the Haunted Keep sample dungeon from the Moldvay Basic rulebook, and there's a town, Holmeston, "named after the honorable late herr doctor Holmes, who first built a settlement here (the blue house)". There's a 7-page preview at RPGnow.


  1. The Maze of Nuromen was written recently for the Holmes rules. I read it a while back and thought it captures Holmes well, much better than, for example, Faster Monkey's Skull Mountain adventure.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Thomas. I saw that dungeon before I started this blog - the author posts as "xerxez" on the OD&D Discussion Forums. It's very much in the spirit of the Holmes Sample Dungeon and has a very nice map.