Sunday, October 9, 2011

Disque flottant de Tenser

A few more notes about the French translation of the Blue Book:
The translation is coverless, 32 pages, and titled Donjons et Dragons on the top of the first page. After checking more closely, I determined the translation was made from the 2nd edition (Nov 1978) rather than the 3rd edition (Dec 1979) of the Blue Book. The game company that made the translation was Jeux Descartes ("Descartes Games"), founded in 1977-78 and continuing until 2005. See here (English) and here (French, translated via Google Translate). Their game shops were called Descartes or Descartes Relais. The translation was provided only in Parisian shops. The translated Blue Book was also placed in Moldvay Basic Sets until the translated Moldvay set was available. Sannois, a city outside Paris, is where the translation was printed.

Information was gathered from the following sources:
Holmes was translated into French! (OD&D74 Discussion forums)
French Basic Set (Acaeum forums) This also has nice photos of French Moldvay & Mentzer Sets.
Questions boites Holmes (Le Donjon du Dragon; in French, translated via Google Translate)

Thanks to snorri, kabuki, le Rahib and lookiwookie.

I've made a page on the website for all of this information.

And finally here are the French translations of the M-U & Cleric Spells:


Livre des sortileges du premier niveau (Book of First Level Spells)
Personne Charmee
Lumieres Dansantes (Dancing Lights)
Detection de la magie
Amplification (Enlargement)
Porte retenue (Hold Portal)
Projectile magique (Magic Missile)
Protection contre le mal (Protection from Evil)
Lecture des langages (Read Languages)
Lecture de la magie (Read Magic)
Ecran (Shield)
Sommeil (Sleep)
Disque flottant de Tenser (Tenser's Floating Disc)
Ventriloquie (Ventriloquism)

Livre des sortileges du premier niveau (Book of Second Level Spells)
Hallucination auditive (Audible Glamour)
Lumiere Continue (Continual Light)
Obscuritie (Darkness)
Detection du mal (Detect Evil)
Vision de l'invisible (Detect Invisibility)
Perception ESP (ESP)
Sesame (Knock)
Localisation d'object
Image (Mirror Image)
Bouche Magique (Magic Mouth)
Forces phantasmatiques (Phantasmal Forces)
Rayon d'affaiblissement (Ray of Enfeeblement)
Force (Strength)
Tolle d'araignee (Web)
Verrou de sorcier (Wizard Lock)

Livre des sortileges du troisieme niveau (Book of Third Level Spells)
Dissipation de la magie (Dispel Magic)
Runes explosive
Boule de feu (Fire Ball)
Envol (Flying)
Protection/Mal 10 mn (Protection/Evil 10')
Protection/project. normaux (Protection/Normal Missiles)
Corde magique (Rope Trick)
Charme de ralentissement (Slow Spell)
Respiration dans l'eau (Water Breathing)
Ralentir le temps (Haste Spell)
Immobilisation (Hold Person)
Invisbilitie, 10 mn
Anneau d'eclair (Lightning Bolt)
Appel des monstres (Monster Summoning I)


Livre des sorts clericaux du premier niveau (Book of First Level Spells)
Soigner une blessure legere (Cure Light Wounds)
Detection du mal (Detect Evil)
Detection de la magie (Detect Magic)
Lumiere (Light)
Protection contre le mal (Protection from Evil)
Purification de l'eau et de la nourriture (Purify Food and Water)
Anihilation de la peur (Remove Fear)
Resistance au froid (Resist Cold)

Livre des sorts clericaux du second niveau (Book of Second Level Spells)
Benediction (Bless)
Detection des pieges (Find Traps)
Connaissance du caractere (Know Alignment)
Immobilisation d't personne (Hold Person)
Resistance au feu (Resist Fire)
Buile de silence de 15 pieds (Silence: 15' radius)
Charme des serpents (Snake Charm)
Parler avec les animaux (Speak with Animals)

Causer des blessures legeres (Cause Light Wounds)
Detecter le bon (Detect Good)
Obscurite (Darkness)
Contaminer l'eau et la nouriture (Contaminate Food and Water)
Provoquar la peur (Cause Fear)
Malediction (Curse)


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