Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fen Orc on "The Master of Dungeons"

Brubo the Hooded. Read to the end of Fen Orc's post to find out who he is.

Awesome post alert!

The Master of Dungeons

In this post the Fen Orc (formerly known as RPG Forge; I featured two of their posts previously) sets forth a new concept, "The Master of Dungeons", that could be added to any D&D dungeon near a city/town/domain setting. It will create more interactivity between the surface and dungeon elements, and interject all kinds of fun conflict and chaos. The post does an great job laying out the concept and then illustrating with a specific example designed for the Zenopus sample dungeon; I was enthralled as I read it.

The Master of Dungeons

I was reflecting the other day about what a valuable resource 'dungeons' are and how odd it is that, in most campaigns, they don't seem to be owned by anybody. Which is peculiar, really, because dungeons are a powerful economic resource. Not only are they full of treasure, but magic items too.


  1. Just ran two adventurers through Zenopus for the first time yesterday afternoon...wish I'd had this article sooner. However, I'm certain "Brubo" (or someone like him) will be making an appearance the next time the adventurers return to the ruins.
    ; )

    1. Great to hear you ran the dungeon! I hope that you will write up how it went.