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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fantastic Worlds of Grenadier Kickstarter

If you've been watching Stranger Things summer and are interested in learning more about the miniatures company that made "The Demogorgon" mini featured prominently on the show, check out this kickstarter for an expanded edition of the book The Fantastic Worlds of Grenadier.

From the "About" page:
"The Fantastic Worlds of Grenadier is not only a book about a fantastic company that produced fantastic miniatures for fantastic worlds, but is also an insightful journey through many of the gaming and gaming miniatures trends and creations of the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s. A tremendous source of reference, an informative read, and full of ‘eye-candy’, The Fantastic Worlds of Grenadier is a must-have for all fans of Grenadier Models, gamers and gaming miniature collectors alike."

I'm in for a printed copy ($35 plus shipping). 10 days left until the Kickstarter ends.

By the way, "The Demogorgon" from Stranger Things was released in two different packages by Grenadier, first as part of the Fantasy Lords line, set 102 Demons, and then
then re-packaged as Fantasy Classics #321 Demon (1984). A picture of the latter in the original packaging was posted over at the Acaeum by grodog.


  1. The old Grenadier models have a lot of character to them...I managed to get hold of a couple-three boxes of them shortly before moving to South America, and handling them gives me the same goosebumps as going through the old AD&D books in a dimly lit basement.

    No demogorgon model, though.
    : (

  2. Thanks for the plug, on both fronts, Zach! The FWoG Kickstarter is close to being able to fund, but needs a constant feed of new daily pledges to keep up the momentum of the past few days:


  3. Didn't Grenadier have a set of miniature rules bitd, too?

    1. They had Fantasy Warriorsin 1990(?), a response to Warhammer. You can get the rules at:

      and the miniatures from: