Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Magic Item Reference Sheet

Screenshot of the Magic Item Reference Sheet - click for a larger view

The latest reference sheet that I've created for Holmes Ref is a one-sheet listing all of the magic items from Holmes Basic and a brief description of the effects of each. It takes the form of a single combined table numbered 1-200 (roll d100 and d6, adding 100 if the d6 is 4-6). The chances of obtaining any particular magic item should be identical to the chance of obtaining via the nested tables in the original.

Having one extra space in the weapon section at the bottom, I chose to add the Hammer +2, mentioned in the text of the Magical Weapons section (pg 46) but not included in the original tables. I reduced the chance of rolling a Hammer +1 from 2% to 1.5%, giving the Hammer +2 a 1/2% chance.

View/Print/Download the sheet (pdf) here:
Magic Item Reference Sheet v1.0

Previous sheets are available on the site here.

In the post about Holmes Ref I linked above I posted a portion of an expanded magic items table. I still plan to finish the expanded one that I posted a portion of above, but right now I'm focusing on the "basics" to try and get a working version of Holmes Ref finished.


  1. Just a technical comment:

    a single combined table numbered 1-200 (roll d100 and d6, adding 100 if the d6 is 4-6)

    Isn’t it easier to roll a d20 for the tens (with 20 = 0) and a d10 for the units?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Trippo. I hadn't thought of doing it that way & it would certainly work.

      I tend to favor the d6 "control die" for my Holmes tables since that is the method explained in the "Using the Dice" section of the rulebook (e.g., 1-24 = d12 + d6).