Saturday, June 16, 2012

Every Day is free RPG day

But today is FREE RPG DAY 2012 in a participating store near you: Store Locator.

Is this a depiction of Azathoth?
And here's the loot list.

Goodman Games has a new DCC product for this year. Here's the Preview Page
And I received an email from them with more info on this:

It includes two new adventures, plus details on the Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition. The first adventure is The Undulating Corruption, by Michael Curtis, which is a level 5 expedition to cure a wizard of corruption. The second adventure is The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust, by Harley Stroh, a level 3 heist where a clever thieves can excel.

The Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition is an exciting chance for aspiring game designers to earn $1,000 and see their adventure in print. You'll find the Mystery Map within our Free RPG Day module. Finish the map, pitch us on the adventure you would write around it, and see if you have what it takes to write DCC RPG adventures! The winning adventure pitch will land a $1,000 contract.

Wizards of the Coast also has a preview page up for their offering (for 4th edition).

Here are reviews of all of the items (thanks to Reviews from R'lyeh for posting this).

Noble Knight Games is also offering each of the items on-line for 1 cent each (min purchase of $15 per item). See their blog post.

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