Wednesday, May 23, 2012

D&D Next Basic

The long arm of Basic D&D:

Gilsdorf: Can you talk about which older editions were most inspirational and what about them did you like or try to incorporate into D&D Next?
Mearls: Basic D&D, the version released in 1981 and assembled by Tom Moldvay, is a big inspiration. It’s a complete game in 64 pages and covers the essence of D&D in a compact package. The original game [OD&D] has the basic concept of an RPG, with the idea of the DM as a combination world builder, storyteller, and umpire. AD&D added more flexibility to characters, 3e created a logical framework of rules, and 4e created a math framework for the game. All of those things are steps forward for D&D and every edition has contributed to this new iteration.

Also note:
Mearls: "...I think D&D is at its best when the game is about the DM’s rulings rather than the actual rules."

Has he been reading Mythmere's Quick Primer for Old School Gaming?

These are from yesterday's Geek Dad interview with Mike Mearls. Thanks to Kesher on OD&D Discussion for pointing it out.

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  1. I've been trying to not get my hoped up about 5e but this isn't helping.