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Saturday, April 7, 2012

DCC RPG vs the Motorhead War Pig

     The cover of the limited edition of the new DCC RPG reminds me of the War Pig from the cover of Motorhead's first released album, the eponymous Motorhead. It came out in 1977, the same year that saw Holmes Basic, the Monster Manual, The Silmarillion, the Rankin-Bass Hobbit cartoon, The Sword of Shannara and Lord Foul's Bane. Another '70s visual cue from Goodman Games? See also Hugh's bellbottoms on the DCC RPG promo poster, which specifically refers to "1970s Appendix N Fantasy".

    War Pig was created by artist Joe Petagno and graced the cover of most Motorhead albums in different variations. Lately I've been listening to Motorhead's No Remorse (an early '80s best of) after acquiring a copy on CD (my old cassette having bit the dust a while back). I listen to more punk than metal, but I do like Motorhead (and Lemmy's prior band, Hawkwind, even more so). The recent documentary Lemmy is also a memorable watch.

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  1. That's a good catch and one I'd never have noticed, since I was never into Motorhead or any other metal bands back in those days.