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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holmes-like Labyrinth Lord

Back to the Keep reports: "I just saw this post over on the Goblinoid Games forums. One of the posters there has created some guidelines for using Labyrinth Lord with Original Edition Characters and a short, three-page document to basically recreate the Holmes D&D rules. Super simple and very well done."

Here is the direct link for "Holmes-like D&D", as the document is titled.

The author is 3d6 (aka The Landlord), also a member at OD&D Discussion (see the interesting discussion of variable weapon damage he initiated last fall in the Holmes forum). His website, The Golden Ball Inn, has three adventures available for 1st level LL characters.


  1. This is why I am so grateful for Dan for the way he produced LL — it is so modular that it is possible to play any number of variations of D&D with very little effort...

  2. Hey, Zen. Thanks for the mention!