Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baguette de paralysation

Some magic item names from the French translation of the Blue Book:

1. Croissance (Growth)
2. Diminution
3. Force de geant (Giant Strength)
4. Invisibilite
5. Forme gazeuse (Gaseous Form)
6. Acceleration (Haste)
7. Voler (Flying)
8. Impression (Delusion)
9. Poison
10. Soin (Healing)
Anneau (Rings)
1. Invisibilitie
2. Controle des animaux
3. Controle des plantes
4. Faiblesse / affaiblissement (Weakness)
5. Protection + 1
6. Trois souhaits (3 Wishes)
7. Regenerations
8. Marche sur l'eau (Water Walking)
9. Resistance au feu (Fire Resistance)
10. Inversion / contraire (Contrariness)

Baguettes et batons (Wands and Staves)
1. Baguette de detection de la magie (Wand of Magic Detection)
2. Baguette de detection des portes secretes et pieges (Secret Door & Trap Detection)
3. Baguette de peur (Fear)
4. Baguette de froid (Cold)
5. Baguette de paralysation
6. Baguette de boule de fue (Fire Ball)
7. Baton de guerison (Staff of Healing)
8. Baton Serpent (Snake Staff)
9. Baton Frappeur (Staff of Striking)
10. Barreau de conjuration (Rod of Cancellation)

Objets magiques divers
1. Boule de cristal
2. Medallion E.S.P.
3. Sac porteur / Sac de portage (Bag of Holding)
4. Manteau d'elfe (Elven Cloak)
5. Balais Volant (Broom of Flying)
6. Casque de telepathie (Helm of Telepathy)
7. Sac devoreur (Bag of Devouring)
8. Casque due bien et du mal (Helm of Evil/Good)
9. Corde de montee (Rope of Climbing)
10. Gant d'ogre (Gauntlets of Ogre Power)


  1. I've had some magical baguettes in my day...

  2. I did read the blog's title as "Baguette de Playstation"...
    Oh, and now that I get it: "Croissance" - croissants are "grown ones" because they inflate in the oven... heh, learning French with RPGs...

  3. Croissants are even more magical than baguettes.